Groupon Picks Up Breadcrumb Point of Sale

Breaking News from Groupon:

We are excited to announce that Groupon has acquired Breadcrumb! The team behind Breadcrumb shares our passion to build affordable and intuitive products that make it easier for local merchants to manage their business. We’re thrilled to welcome founder Seth Harris and his team to the Groupon family – Seth boasts more than 12 years of hospitality management experience, making him uniquely empathetic to the tight budgets and unique needs of business owners in the food and beverage industry who often struggle to find technology products that will work perfectly for them.

Breadcrumb will continue to serve new and existing clients and we look forward to offering their product to our existing merchant partners. Also, for Groupon merchant partners that use Breadcrumb’s point of sale system, we’ll be able to significantly improve the process of redeeming a Groupon.

This is indeed something interesting and exciting! Ever since Groupon went public last year it has so far made eight acquisitions since November. And the latest Breadcrumb acquisition is believed to be worth $10-$15 million dollar range. Judging by the company’s statement, the startup (and app) will continue to exist and operate both “for new and existing clients,” but obviously this means that Groupon now has access to the startup’s client list, and Breadcrumb gets to reach a wider audience. As we can see Groupon is no longer just all about coupons, it’s moving beyond that and it now has to work on integrating it’s acquisitions.

Here’s the Breadcrumb website.


An Inspiring Poem!

One of my favorite Ironman athlete Chrissie Wellington actually has this little poem by Rudyard Kipling inscribed on her drink bottles she uses in competitions.


If you can dream–and not make dreams your master;
If you can think–and not make thoughts your aim,…
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And–which is more–you’ll be a Man, my son!


7th Airports Council International Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly Conference & Exhibition 2012

Today just got news that I will be involved in the 7th Airports Council International Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly, Conference & Exhibition. We will be showcasing our Point of Sale solutions and hardware etc. It will be held at Marina Bay Sands between 22-25 May 2012. Guess it will be an exciting event but with the tight dateline it also means lots of work need to be done and be ready for the exhibition. I’m looking forward to the event as I’m keen in the latest development in the Point of Sale arena. I will be exploring and after the conference and exhibition I will share with you all any thing that’s interesting. See ya!

Business Lessons from Diablo III Launch

I was at Funan Digital Mall yesterday and before I even entered the building I could lot’s of people queuing up near the street. Puzzled I was wondering what sort of sales or promotions these people are queuing up for. Little did I know they were queuing to get their hands on the latest game Diablo III. These gamers have waited for like 12 years before this new release. Immediately I have some personal thoughts.

1. Anticipation – if a business can build up an anticipation for a new product, the marketing will go viral e.g. Apple launching new iPad. This will in turn relate to more sales and getting more people aware of your new product.

2. Pre-Launch – companies should have some sort of pre-launch activities to build up the hype.

3. Actual Launch – this is the ‘D-day’ where consumers flock to get your products.

4. Marketing – a product can only be so good if no consumers are buying it or worst still not aware of the existence. Thus companies should not save on marketing instead they should embrace it and measure the returns from their marketing campaigns.

And below are some pictures of the event. Can you imagine these people are queuing for your company’s new product bet you will be thrilled too!



I’m Back from Reservist!

Sorry for not being able to update this blog for the last two weeks as I’m away serving my reservist duties with the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). For those who are not aware what reservist means, it’s basically like reserved armed forces whereby during war time will be recalled for activity duties. It’s usually an annual affair and can last between 1-3 weeks depending on the training requirements. Ok enough of the quick update, let’s move on.

That’s all folks I shall keep you all posted again!