Walking On Fire?

Walking on hot burning charcoal at 1,100°C/2,012°F. Some may think this is crazy or impossible. I’m fortunate to be able to try that out myself at Tony Robbin’s flagship “Unleash The Power Within” program over at Singapore some time back. It’s indeed a life changing experience! Every time when I’m faced with obstacles or difficulties, I will always be reminded that once upon a time I have actually walked across hot burning charcoal so what else could actually stop me or be too difficult to handle?

Guess that’s the same in life. We are actually more powerful than we thought out to be. So don’t back out when you faced obstacles and difficulties, they are only temporary. Faced them, handle them, resolve them and soon they will be over.

And you know what, Oprah Winfrey recently also walk on fire, here’s a short video enjoy!

Our Two Mindsets

Carol Dweck has found that everyone has one of two basic mindsets. If you have the fixed mindset, you believe that your talents and abilities are set in stone – either you have them or you don’t. You must prove yourself over and over, trying to look smart and talented at all costs. This is the path of stagnation. If you have the growth mindset, however, you know that talents can be developed and that great abilities are built over time. This is the path of opportunity and success.

Dweck demonstrates that mindset unfolds in childhood and adulthood and drives every aspect of our lives, from schooling to taking exams, from work to sports, from relationships to parenting. She reveals how creative geniuses in all fields – music, literature, science, sports, business – apply the growth mindset to achieve results. Perhaps even more important, we can change our mindset at any stage of life to achieve true success and fulfillment.

Inspirational Football Speech

Amazing football speech! Enjoy it!

Remember at times we are just so close to success but we just give up too soon because we feel uncertain and we don’t see the results. You must have faith in yourself because you have put in the effort. You must understand delay gratification. In life, it doesn’t mean you do certain things, rewards would just come to you naturally. At times you got to learn to wait and keep moving forward. Just like in fishing, one doesn’t throw in the line with the hook and expect the fish to get hook the next second!